January 5, 2010

People's Choice Awards

So Wednesday is the first award show of 2010 and two of our fav Twilighters will be there- Kellan Bear and jailbait!! And rest assure I, TwiHershey, will be stalking visiting the Nokia Theater, hopefully catching a glimpse of the hottest guys from New Moon! Rest assured I'll be tweeting about it, takin pics and video! I can't afford to miss asingle moment since the liklihood of me attending TwiTour is decreasing =( So i will keep you all posted and whatever i find will be posted Thursday!

In the mean time, heres some nice pics of Kellan & Tay [did i mention he's newly single and almost legal?! ]


  1. So uh, yeah...I'm definitely addicted to Twilight. It's a secret, and no one I know knows it. It's nice that I finally have an outlet.

  2. Thanks for following! I know how u feel. some of my friend know i've seen the movie and seen the movie... bit they have no clue how hooked i really am!!



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