January 9, 2010

Twi-cast stalking is NOT okay

Fans wonder why during vacation time the TwiCast goes on break? This is why....

For the crazy person who took this pic... they run away to other countries to escape this kinda mad-ness! Now I've seen this pic, unedited, without the arrows informing me of who's who; and i honestly couldnt tell if it was truely any Twilight cast member... but 'thanks' to the person who CLEARLY identified all the persons in this pic... WTH... I think it's time some fans took a break... hibernate for a bit, cause it isnt that serious! We've seen the pics the little girl took with Rob and KStew-- pretty much "outting themselves" as many fans call it... but this is going a little too far... is it really necessary to stalk them while their hiking; putting yourself at risk of falling off a damn cliff?- I think NOT....

photo from EclipseMovie.org i had no part in editing this pic, just want to make that 100% clear!


  1. This is so sad...there is a point, people, where it's just not worth it...standing on the edge of a cliff to get a clear shot on who's who...that's ridiculous.

  2. Exactly! Makes it seem like all Twilight fans are this crazy! Which, i'm sure most of us are not [there's a few fan i'd have to question!]



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