January 6, 2010

The People's Choice Awards was tonight?!?

Are you guys sure it was tonight? i mean i live a few blocks over and i forgot....i think i'm losing my twi-spark or I've been reading too many fanfics back to back, forgive me Latifa. i never miss things like this so what happened??? oh yeah, Rob didn't go, so much for me watching. as much as i love Kellan a shot of him on the red carpet isn't enough to make me watch, sorries :) i'm sure he was bored as hell, thank god for internet phones.

The other one was there too but he can go unmentioned, he's just a blip on my radar until he's legal. Here's the list of the nominees and the winners, yup we only care about the twicast the rest of Hollywood can go sit in a corner or something, well maybe not so much Johnny Depp or Sandra Bullock.photos via socialite

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