January 8, 2010

Chat live with Peter Facinelli Sat. Jan 23!

Twilight premieres on Showtime on January 23, 8pm but you get to have a live chat with Peter Facinelle aka Daddy C. at 7:30pm et before the premiere!
that's right folks we finally get to watch it on cable! you might have seen it in theaters, we all have the damn dvd by now but this is cable! you know you love spending your Saturday nights twistyle.
Twilight © 2008 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
yes, that was sarcasm we know ever line from the damn movie so we really don't need to watch it on cable. There are worst things than having to look at Edward for two hrs plus the live chat with Pfach might be interesting. I'm a little worried because Twilighters seem to have a habit of crashing sites so i hope Showtime's ready.

more info will be added as they come....

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