January 5, 2010

New year, same old Twicrap: New Moon fever, the unseen Eclipse trailer and Breaking Dawn rumors

Hey all, i'm back!!! be afraid, be very afraid cause i'm gonna say it, out loud! Happy New Year to you all, Merry Christmas as well, Summit sucks ass and at this point i might be giving up on Breaking Dawn, who's got the damn bottle?

i've been sick and i have so much to catch up on:

How many times must they shove this picture down out throat? at this point it's not a treat it's just annoying. i'm seeing it when i close my eyes, it pops up in my dreams....maybe that part's a lie.

Is it already January? why the hell don't we don't have an Eclipse trailer yet? am i the only one pissed off? i understand wanting to ride the New Moon money train as long as they possibly but come on what's with the hold up? let's get to it Summit! Then there's the Breaking Dawn drama, why hasn't the movie been confirmed? we know you're planning it, you'd be stupid not to, so say the mf words. In the mean time we'll be waiting to see more of this:

and this

defiantly more of this

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