April 30, 2010

My Eclipse reaction video....

....which isn't really a video but still my reaction to the final trailer :) don't judge me, i rather like my anonymity thank you! 
Jacob shows up at school. What's he doing there?
where's Mike Newton when you need him? i can hear it now "gangsta bellaaaaa, how you like'n that hoddie girllll"
Our first look at Riley
god, the look on his face is priceless
He was running away for good reason
snarl, snarl, grrrr...hilarity!
Edward tells Bella about the situation at hand
hold up! why does Edvard look like he's one of the Munsters? he looks older too....
Riley leads them
i'm too sexy for this shot, too sexae
The wolf pack are willing to fight in the war
The newborns have arrived
i can do brooding, Edward's not the only one
Jackson Rathbone rushes in
shame, old ass Carlisle giving Jasper a run for his money
And, the war begins
angry mousy! grrr
Finally, a good look at that engagement ring
i thought this was ugly until....
Who's behind the army? Victoria!
BAM! definition of ugly
Is this when Bella tells Jacob she's engaged?
i'm cold as hell but had to show you my bodae
photos via MTV

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