April 29, 2010

Reasons: To Love New Moon

Continuing with our little series here's part two! 

 to LOVE New Moon!
  • All the lovely half-nakedness of Jacob/Taylor
  • ... And the half-nakedness of the rest of the wolf pack!
  • Mike-freakin-Newton! I swear he's my FAVE human!!! Soo darn adorable and dorky
  • The Volturi are bad-ass! Even though Aro was ready to devour poor Bella... You must admit that
  • The main thing you learn is; this sets the tone the the next 2 books/films. Good things come to those who wait! [ex. Bella gets proposed to b4 she can become a Cullen... & Jakey-poo imprints!]
I'll make it short and sweet: your reason for loving New Moon should be the fact that Edward came back in the end...well that and the fact that the phone rang before the nasty (Jacob) kissed Bella.
New Moon (funny) Pictures, Images and Photos
Bella rebounded way too quickly and she was leaning on Jake wayyyy too much, sorry i said, get over it. Like after Edward left in New Moon and Jacob became her own personal "sun" B*tch please! he's not that special.

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  1. LMAO!!! OMG, I laughed until I cried at this post you guys!!! This is why I really should not read you while at work. That was HUSTERICAL!



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