April 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn the movie is OFFICIALLY confirmed!

You read that right, the wait is over!

Being the lazy couch potato i am, i was asleep when it happened but never fear i woke up just in time! Ignore the jumbles and read on to the good stuff!
Summit just confirmed they'll be filming Breaking Dawn!!!

@Twilight: Bill Condon to direct Summit Entertainment's THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN

Let's take a minute to squee....ok time's up

We knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time plus the TwiStars can't keep anything sealed but it's still really good to hear.

Now that we have a director the real problems begin like where they'll be filming and how to get more Isle Esme and less Renesmee :) sorry me no likey demon baby. Did i mention Steph Meyer will be one of the Producers? yeah, enough said.

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  1. Thank you my dear. You've considerably brightened the most craptastic of days.



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