May 2, 2010

Guess who's back....Robbie's back, back again

back in LA that is :) Did i mention Rob was #7 on Time's 100 "Most Influential" list?
Rob in the Couve
Rob arriving at LAX!
he went to Vancouver for a few days for the re-shoots in new jeans? they're bright blue, must be new, they're kinda ugly too. I think he wore the same clothes on Thurs and Sat, i think that's hot. He's a man, let him be! besides it was a different shirt on top...i see progress. Hey Rob, that jacket *Bella's new moon voice* has got to go. 

Of course Kristen was there and Taylor, can't do a re-shoot without Edward Bella and Jacob. 
 DAVID_A_SLADE REAL NEWS: last 3 weeks have gone fantastic, pick up shoot felt more like a reunion. Rob, Kristen,Taylor the crew & I gave 110%. Onwards! 
Kristen has a way of avoiding cameras (sneaky sneak) and Taylor just seem to attract them.
no one said you couldn't have a pic without Jacob :)

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