February 23, 2010

Rob and Kristen left a party with free grey goose, it must be love!

Sooooo....Rob confessed he's dating Kristen, rather interesting....i didn't get the memo saying hell froze over or the one saying he agreed to interviews about KStew. Have you seen the bitch face? if he was getting any and he said that he's gonna be on lock down 'til twenty eleven. Shame on them, they went and ruined the man's sex life, what's he gonna do with out the nookie? To think all this started over this once pic of them leaving the BAFTA after party together...it's been cropped so many times you'd think they had more but it's just the one pic.

hmmm maybe it's true, they did leave a party thrown by grey goose...did i mention they left a party with free vodka! A nekkid Rob couldn't get me to leave a party with free goose unless he was carrying said goose to sweeten the deal.

Any who's the Stew has amazed us once again by winning two awards in less than 48hrs, that's right, count 'em-two! The First being BAFTA's rising star award and the second was Elle's woman of the year award. I'm going on record saying how much she deserves them both! especially after seeing the outfit she wore to the Elle Style awards on Monday

you know she had to rock a leather jacket too!

and the one she wore to the Burberry fashion show today.

it's safe to say i'm team Bella, team Kristen and team i want her damn legs!
all photos via socialite


  1. I want her legs, her eyes and whoever dresses her, because I look like a rumpled sack of potatoes coming to work in the morning.

    I love putting pretty dresses with leather jackets

  2. i know what u mean!! the first pic.. i LOVE that dress! I want a replica of that darn dress!!!!



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