February 26, 2010

Kellan Lutz to start your weekend

This man seems to be all over LA this week but thanks to my first job and my second job of being as lazy as possible i haven't seen him once! life is so unfair but then again i'm really too lazy to go stalking um, looking for him :} I think the twicast found a way to make us love them more, they're all pushing for Breaking Dawn movie and most of them want it to be two movies!

fyi the first pic was in LA the second was Glendale :{ i missed all that hotness, twice!
Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, i rarely have anything positive to say and yesterday was some kind of truce day. Everyone got together, regardless if they were team Edward or team Pup :} and started spreading the love...i felt akward as hell so i chose to stay away...it might be my fault for blogging about all the hating in the twidom.


  1. He is like, the perfect guy next door--only rich and about ten times hotter than any guy next door I've ever seen...but still. He's got this accessability you don't often seen in movie stars. It's nice.

    Oh, and I was at the mall the other day, and I saw a girl who had not one but two twilight bumper stickers:

    1) Save a Volvo, Ride a Cullen

    2) Watch out! I drive like a Cullen

    I thought of you and smiled LOL

  2. yes yes, Kellan Bear is a 'boy next door' type of guy.. but way hotter!! haha do you do know if theres any 'wolf-pack' bumper stickers?! i never hear of any... the wolfs need lovin too! lol



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