February 22, 2010

Another Breaking Dawn confirmation???

While Summit's deciding when to release the start date, the actors have no problem confirming it. Kristen confirmed twice last week during The Yellow Handkerchief premiere and after the BAFTA's they might begin filming in November. Rob also confirmed this in a few interviews during New Moon mania. At this point it's safe to say the movie will be made and we're just waiting on the exact location and date. I get the feeling once they get the opening numbers for Eclipse we'll get a date.

Kristen was nominated for The Rising Star Award and.....
Twilight: A BIG congratulations to Kristen Stewart for winning the BAFTA Rising Star Award!!Summit Entertainment 

She looks so beautiful and she accepted that award humbly but that dress is wreck, they should have tailored it to her small frame, it's giving her bulges when she barely has any body fat. Being the Stew she can pull off anything.

Not to outshine Kristen's accomplishment but did i mention Rob also presented at the BAFTA's?!?

Model Rob, i need a minute....or a few. I'm kinda liking the Bel Ami hair cut, he's looks hot.

*A special shout out to T. The Destructor, we love comments so keep 'em coming! 

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  1. Ha ha, I love this blog, so the comments will keep coming! :)

    Thanks for the Breaking Dawn update!



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