February 19, 2010

Get caught up with some of the TwiCast

This weekend will be a busy one, from what i've read here's what they have planned so far:
Rob's filiming Bel Ami but he's scheduled to present at the BAFTA awards where Kristen is the rising star nominee. She may attend the award show but she's currently promoting The Yellow Handkerchief, Thursday it premiered at The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

You can catch the BAFTA sunday on BBC america Sunday at 8pm ET....wouldn't it be hilarious if Rob presented the award to her? am just saying!

Pfach aka daddy C will be signing autographs in Rancho Cucamonga aka Los Angeles, CA at the Haiti Fundraiser this Sunday from 12-6pm (more details)

Kristen and Taylor will also be presenting at the Academy Awards on March 7....hmm Eclipse preview maybe???

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