February 17, 2010

Apparently Twilight= major business

My mom showed me this commerical the other day, and I laughed for 2 reasons. (1) it was cute and (2) its yet another commerical that refrences Twilight. Seriously now, is Summit getting a small portion of the proceeds these companys make? I mean, they wouldn't be making these commericals if it were not for Twilight being as successful as it was.  But at least this one is better than Bing.com lol...

Tthe tricky thing that Verison forgot is their only capturing 1/2 of the fandom.... the Team Edward half.. Guess us Wolf lovers will be going to AT&T because the bloodsucker is clearly on Verizon's boat..[and they proved again why edwards SUCKS... and not in the literal sense.. HE LEFT!!!]

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