February 17, 2010

Hatin" in the TwiDom

The fighting in the twidom is getting out of control. My fav. fanfics are being deleted, twifans are creating discussion boards about hating other twihards and we won't mention "borrowing" identical material from other blogs...did i mention copying, word for word?

Shouldn't we be fighting about things that matter? we already know team Edward is def. better than team Jacob. Besides what people choose to post on their blogs is their prerogative as long as they didn't steal it from another blog.
....and he has bad hair!
Let's cut the shit, relax and chill for a sec. We need to get back to things that really matter like Kstew's fugly weave, it's giving Jacob's a run for it's money and it's hurting my eyes all at the same time!

did they recycle it? i can't honestly tell which is worst, they look the same....i wonder??

Shame on you Summit, all you had to do was ask...we would have been more than happy to point you in the right direction of a proper weave!


  1. fans are STILL fighting?! Geez... what a shame and waste of time.. and missy.. Team JACOB is who rules.. get it straight! thanks love ya.

  2. LOL I love this blog. You know that SNL skit with Taylor about the two friends who are fighting about Twilight? Well I have two friends that are just like that. Everytime they get into it, I take my cell phone out and start playing "Why can't we be friends?"

    It calms the waters.

    And yeah, Kristen's weave is bad, although I never though Taylor's was THAT bad...I've seen worse on the women walking down the street here at work.

  3. thanks!! we're glad you like it. and Yes i remember the skit Tay did!!! haha i think i watched it 3 times.. me and TwiRemedy are that skit 200%!!! she's all for Rob, I'm all for Tay.. and its hard for us to be nice towards the other's favorite. and tthe weave OMG! I honestly think Tay's weave on SNL looked better thanin Twilight! lol



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