February 18, 2010

Will Robert Pattinson be forgotten after 'Remember Me'?

They're calling it his make or break movie, some say his fame is a stroke of luck, they want to prove he won't succeed and we will prove them wrong....with a little incentive from Summit.

Once again Summit decides on the too much too soon approach. They're promoting the hell out of Remember Me. There's so many previews, pics, this and that. They made the same mistake?? during New Moon mania but financially it paid off. Now Summit's guaranteeing we see it:
The #EclipseTrailer will play with REMEMBER ME in theatres March 12!
In the end, you might be team Bella, team Edward or team Jacob but we're all team Twi. You almost killed him when they were making it so put as much effort into seeing it. If it's bad, you only have yourselves to blame for cause such a commotion when they were filming.

I love this scene because i love a bad boy lol

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  1. You know what I say to these critics and cynics? PUH-leaze.

    If Keanu Reeves can come back from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure to be Neo, any actor could do the same LOL. In my opinion, Remember Me looks like the type of movie I'd see anyways, RPatz or no.



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