January 12, 2010

A contest? A Give-a-way? .....

Hi ladies and gents [i do believe there is at least one reading and we're thankful for that!] Hope everyone's week is starting off well! So TwiRemedy and I were talking a few months back and we wanted to do a little contest to spice things up on here... although jailbait's abs would bring more than enough spice.. that's far beyond the point! So back to the question at hand... we wanted to do a giveaway BUT wanted you're input. =) So many sites do contests with the item already picked out, and what if its something you hate! We don't want that happening here! Therefore we need you all to answer the poll on the left right AND leave comments with feedback! The actual contest wont start until sometime in February once everything is finalized. ALL suggestions are welcome; from the type of prize given to what has to be done to win!! [Trust, this wont be a super easy give-a-way... but it wont be as hard as that Volvo's What Drives Edward contest that was freaking impossible to win... grr...] oops soorie, I'm still a little bitter, can u tell!?

Now if we could give these away we would.. although I'd keep jailbait for myself and toss Rob to whomever [lmao... ] Maybe keep Kellan too and Cam.. wait isn't he married? nevermind....

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