January 11, 2010

TwiNews Weekend round up:

  • Appearently over the weekend Rob and Kristen moved to the Isle of Wight or whatever the hell that place is called. Don't really care cause it's probably not true, i'm not focusing on anything until i hear a solid "yes, we are together" or until he starts dating me :}
  • The New Moon dvd cover was released and all i can say is thank jesus and all that is holy.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)
There is no release date yet but you can sign up to be alerted on Amazon when they have one set up.
I must say I'm sorry if you were one of the unfortunate people in the movie theater with me watching NM cause i know it must have been unbearable. it's not my fault, what was i supposed to be when Bella looked at Edward and was  like "no, i'm coming" i swear i was on that dirty ass theater floor cracking up. Still nothing compared to Jacob's almost kiss, i was dying. Don't get me started on the BK bag and the Virgin plane. The icing on my cake was after the proposal when the screen went blank and i yelled "nooooo" like i said i'm sorry if you were in the theater with me, it was funny as all hell but somewhat wrong,....lmao good times.

  • NM on dvd means we can focus on Eclipse which will be more action and less romance. While i love a shirtless Edward i'm happy cause that means more vamps less wolves-wait, who said that lol.
  • New Moon hottie  Paul aka Alex Meraz's bday was Sunday, he hot as all hell but he's married so moving on.

On that note i also wanted to shout out our new follwers on the blog, twitter and Facebook. You guys make me want to blog every minute of every day but i won't....i love reading fanfic and i keep finding new ones, sorries, but i do lurk often-it's a team edward think, you must know how to stalk, it was in the maual :} we love when you guys leave comments, i smile and say thank you, can i have another. i would hug you all if i could but that might get creepy. seriously, don't stop letting us know what you think. 

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