January 11, 2010

Will Eclipse ever get here?

Is it me, or is it already taking forever for Eclipse to get here. Just about every Twilight site has the little countdown [like the one on the left] and I swear it must have said 172 days for like 5 days!!! Maybe because I haven't started back at school is the reason for time moving so slowly. But on a high note, small news has broken about Breaking Dawn... I really don't know how ligit this info is, cause well it came from the LA Times.... and how often can we really believe stuff we here in 'hollywoof'? haha... Apparently the only info given to is that Rob, Kstew and jailbait [Y] will for sure be in BD... uhhh no shit Sherlock! That is something we all know would happen... Summit would have to be out of their damn minds to even consider making BD w/o the 3 main actors! Soo basically this is no new at all! Epic FAIL by the LA Times for wasting internet/ newspaper space to tell us shit we already knew!!! The things these media people do for sales! Tsk Tsk!!

So my question to you all is this:
What are you doing to pass the time between now and June 30th?!

my answers:
-- Playing Twilight Scene It [yep... I broke dwn and bought it]
-- blogging.....
-- counting down until jailbait is no longer jailbait ;) haha

-- ... ummm blogging more? ahhhhhhhh
-- school! that is to sure pass the time quickly! I'll be half way through summer school before Eclipse gets here, but the beside
-- Play New Moon Scene it --> does anyone know when the heck this game is being made? That'll be a whole-lotta wolf pack & Volturri!!! JOY!

<-- is this game any fun? Has anyone played it?!?!


  1. Yes it's taking forever to get here and it doesn't help either that I'm waiting for my Twilight travel plans to hurry up.

  2. ph yea, you're going to a bunch of the twi-tours right?! Have fun!!! I really want to go to TwiCon in Vegas because its vegas! lol



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