January 10, 2010

The world has gone crazy and they're blaming Twilight

Did you see the episode of Twilight weekly spotlight: Vampires in fiction and Twilight?

am i the only one who's disturbed by that lady? did she just say experimenting in blood drinking and biting was ok? then again she calls herself a psychic vampire so she must know! Fyi, that was sarcasm. For the record we like Robward cause he's hot not because we're curious about being bitten. I'm sure most of us will agree we're not looking for someone to dominate us....fine, not all the time. We also don't want someone drinking our blood cause that's just creepy as hell. What do you think, are people taking Twilight out of context? it's a love story, the new age Romeo and Juliet. Katherine referenced Shakespeare in every book through out the entire series so where the hell did the biting/blood drinking fantasy come from?

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