May 3, 2010

A New Twlighter takes OVER Twitter!

Are you SICK of a certan pre-teen Justin Beiber hoggin' all the space on Twitter [I sure am!!]??  Well I have some good news for you, my fellow Twilight fans! Sexy Emmett Cullen a-k-a KELLAN LUTZ now has twitter! Ashley Greene tweeted about early this morning or Sunday mornng but I just wanted to inform you all agan on here!! He already has over 60,000 followers!! So don't be the one to miss out on his eco-friendly tweets!! I've already learned more about him from his few tweets alone! Clearly her fluent or semi-fluent in Espanol [.... me likey.] and he uses the 'Twitter for Blackberry' app =) I use the same app! Soo now I'm cool like Kellan [well, I've always been cool, but now its more official] SOOOOO if you haven't already go here -----> <----- and follow Kellan Bear!

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