May 6, 2010

The Eclipse premiere finally has a location: LA Live!!

If you were on Twitter today you're probably feeling a little swamped from all the twilight news tweet by me or the other kagillion twilighters.
The Eclipse premiere will be June 24th at L.A Live's Nokia Theater during LA Film Fest -queue angels singing "hallelujah" maybe i can talk Rob into coming home with me O.o -Tickets to the premiere can be purchased at a $1000 per pair, enough said.  
The first time i saw the Eclipse poster i was standing outside LA Live at 2am after New Moon's midnight premiere :)
 Breaking Dawn's release date 11/18/2011 (hated the book but will suffer through anything to watch RobWard on the big screen).  
Then there was Oprah: not only did some of these MoFo's get to see a "rough cut" of the movie last night, Rob went to three people's house. As if we couldn't feel anymore left out the people who saw the movie was apart of today's taping with the cast. They tweeted after lock-down was over, they had nothing but good things to say about the cast and the movie (Oprah didn't let anyone in with phones or cameras).
@Twilight: On 5/13 tune in to The Oprah Show to see Kristen, Rob, Taylor & Dakota! Check local listings. 
May 13th will also be Rob's 24th Birthday! Did you know he was 6'1? My kinda man!

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