March 28, 2010

TwiNews March 20-27: everything you need to know and somethings you might have missed

I've been gone for a minute 9dys but now i'm back! i'm working on little sleep but you don't care about me your here for the TwiNews so let's get to it.....I went to see Remember Me and The Runaways-that will be in tomorrow's post.

Last sat 3/20 the New Moon DVD was released-three different versions to be exact-summit being the genius they are offered something different with each DVD. If your still a closet twilighter you bought all three or you might have been stupid like us (we each bought a different DVD and shared). This all happened early Saturday morning because no one told us the Midnight release party was only 1/2hr so it ended at 12:30 and we showed up at 12:40. Needless to say the "extra shit" ended up on YouTube the next day so we went through all that for nothing. I decided to make the most of my money by watching New Moon three times last Sunday's a deleted scene

Summit released the first Eclipse poster last week-look close enough and you can see Bella's weave was photo shopped to no end until it looked normal and Edward!!!! (that's all i really need to say).

The Madame Toussard wax Robert Pattinson figure was unveiled in New York where it's currently being molested by women on a daily basis, seriously. The thing honestly looks nothing like Rob but people are still going to see it. I think he's not that skinny or creepy looking but maybe it's just me....

Rob and Kristen were "spotted" in London together on Friday night, the funny thing is Kristen was in Vegas (someone tweeted a pic they took with her) she went to Vegas after house hunting in LA. Rob was in a bar in London by himself as you know he's filming Bel Ami but they've moved to Budapest so they could finish filming.

Jackson, Taylor and Nikki went to the teen Nickelodean Kids choice awards this weekend. No Eclipse trailer so most of us didn't bother watching. Taylor and Kristen won the award for cutest couple-um wtf??? who voted for this shit?? this is where this blog must end or i'll say something hurtful.

damn this man will be the death of me....all photos via socialite

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  1. hi.. thank you for liking my blogg.! anyway the one i got was "new moon" i have the both of them and all the book but i only got to read 1st & 2nd because i dont want to jump the gun before the new one comes out



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