March 29, 2010

Remember Me vs. The Runaways

I went to see The Runaways last Friday and Remember me last Saturday. I would like to compare both movies but honestly there's no way to compare both and do them any justice. They're so completely different, i knew this because when i left the theater i  felt different things.

Remember Me-
This movie is actually bigger than Rob and i'm a little angry because they previewed it as if it was only about him (which is never a bad thing). It was so moving, i sat in the theater for five minutes after it ended trying not to cry. I started thinking about 9/11, all the events before, after and how people will really remember me vs. how i want to be remembered. You need to see this movie and judge for yourself but once you do see it you won't be disappointed. It's amazing how much a movie can make you realized your life and the direction you want it to go vs. the direction it's currently on.

The Runaways-
Kristen was unbelievable, it's amazing how much she reminds you of Joan Jett. I left the theater and the only thing i wanted to do was buy the soundtrack. I walked down the street singing "I Love Rock and Roll" i was actually trying to find it on the radio until i remembered how old the song is. I'm not saying this movie is for everyone but i am saying you need to check it out and decide for yourself because it's worth it. Those trailers don't do the movie justice i won't lie i almost didn't see it.....almost. I heard about a kissing scene and some other racy things and i was there lol what can i say? 

No, that's not Kristen's version but i love this song!

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