April 15, 2010

Rob and Kristen's not going public, maybe she's in London because....

They say "Action speaks louder than words" then again maybe it was a coincidence, maybe she's there because it easier to get to Vancouver from London?!?* i'm just trying to help a girl explain her where abouts....maybe we can become Biffs and she'll share Rob! She's in London because Rob's there-nope don't sound right :) because the Queen's there? because she a passport? it's Kristen she don't have to explain nothing! (damn i'm really loving my English today)
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pssst! Kristen, it's always nice to share, it's in the bible or was that Kindergarten who knows?? lol. Kristen needs to share the Rob-his time of course :) what else would i be referring to? something in the way of joint custody.....trading off every other day, i'm open to keeping him a little longer-full time-if she's game.

**There's talk of "Pick up shots" being done in Vancouver
Pick up shots are cut into already completed scenes and can be necessary because of anything from bad lighting, a faulty print or a missing expression or line that was determined in editing.  Reshoots insinuate a completely new scene being inserted into a picture.
It's not a re-shoot, in fact it should be a little less than three days and it has nothing to do with the major scenes. That tells me Summit's trying to make Eclipse the best one yet and i'm ok with it. I gave you the cliffy version but Eclipse movie has the entire article.

Never fear children. Eclipse will be in theaters June 30th or i'll be first in line outside Summit Ent. Don't think i don't know where you are "Untitled Entertainment" in Culver City....i got my eyes on you.

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