November 2, 2009

New Vanity Fair Outtakes of Rob

WARNING: may cause loss of breathe, speech and memory, happened to me the first time i saw these. The good news, this is part one of four! My favorite part of the interview:
he is an exquisite beauty—with perfectly formed red, red lips and a face that might have been dreamed by the Romantic poets
how i do agree, let me count the ways....loves you vanity fair, am a reader for life or til you stop putting Rob on the cover, which ever comes first :) fyi he also denies having a relationship with the stew, see momma dreams do come true now i can date either one of them, joke! or am i?

I think i died and went to heavens! More pics here, oh yes please! i feel like i need a neon sign with this post.

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