November 1, 2009

New Moon Cast: From Brazil with Kristen and Taylor to Tokyo with Rob

They said LA paps were crazy until the cast spent too much time in Vancouver....surprisingly Brazil is by far the worst and those aren't paps.

Notice big man how he had to cradle little Kristen to keep her from getting smashed.

Can we keep our fan love to a minimum people? How do you love someone so much you try to kill them, i mean the girl's all of what 90lbs BE GENTLE. Take a few lessons from the Japanese who welcomed Rob without chaos, the man's smiling while walking through the airport how rare is that?

that smile looks a little mischievous but who doesn't like a dirty Rob? will someone please show Chris a little attention, he looks a little lonely over there in the back, the man is a genius.

Kristen and Taylor flew to Brazil on Friday night to kick off NM promotions today, Chris and Rob flew to Tokyo on Saturday night where promotions will start this week.
photo source: Kristen and Taylor, Rob

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