March 17, 2010

Umm... What's That Movie about Again???.....

Is it wrong that I don't want to see The Runaways?? Am I the only Twilight fan that doesn't care much for seeing the movie?? I don't know if its the 70s era theme or what but not much about this film stricks me as "OMG I have to see that". Yea, KStew is in it, and we love her.. and little Dakota [who doesnt like her??....] but again I've never listened to much, if any, of Joan Jett's music [aside from a cover Britney Spears did years ago..] So yea, for those of you that see it, hope you enjoy. And I hope it does well the theaters!! But I'll be waiting for it to get to a RedBox in about 3 months [that should be just in time for Eclipse]


  1. um, i don't know you when someone decides to put your foot in your mouth. it's gonna be a good movie don't make me come see you woman.

  2. wtf??!! lol.... it looks ok.. but not okay enough for me to spend $10.. and thats not saying anything against KStew or Dakota cause their both good actresses.. but the movie topic in general....

    like if they mad a movie about Aerosmith and JT was the lead roll i probably wouldnt see it cause i dont care to know the history.. but in both cases i would get it on dvd! =)



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