March 14, 2010

2min sneak peek: The making of Eclipse

This is a sneak peek of what will actually be apart of the extra disc on the New Moon DVD, there's no spoilers previews, it's just showing a bit of how they made the movie most you're seeing what each character will look like. Edward....Hottt!!! Jasper....fugly weave ut hott!!!


  1. Okay so :

    1) Sorry I haven't written anything, but the Eclipse trailer, then pics of Kellan...I was at a loss for words LOL, but trust me I saw it all.

    2) Jasper's Weave just get's worse and worse. There are a lot of things that could have been improved upon from "Twilight" but Jasper's weave wasn't one of them. But, Jackson is still cute, despite the gold colored mop-head attachment.

    3) Eclipse is my favorite book of the series, and I am literally salivating at the thought of all that heat and action. Yum.

  2. haha thanks! glad you like the posts... although i'm lost about your Jasper comments as i have still not watched the trailers [yay for my will power!!!] ... umm i think i remember some pics i saw back when they filmed Eclipse.. and i think Jackson was injured, not sure.. but ye his hair then looks like "WTF" lol... i'm guessin no one used any CGI effects to fix it =/ ....3 month.. 15 days....



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