March 19, 2010

Grrr Summit, GRR

So the offical Twilight/Summit Twitter page is finally releasing details about midnight release party locations.. ummmm.. So by the title of this blog you can tell I'm a little mad at the. The release the locaton for the Los Angeles.. and the party is in Santa Clarita at Wal-mart of all places [nothing against Wal-Mart..] BUT my complaint is against the fact that the midnight party is about 1 and a half hours outside of Los Angeles... idk if thats stilll even LA County... Epic FAIL by summit!! We were sooo such that the party was going to be in Hollywood at Borders, but I guess not... No midnight party for me =/ And Kellan Bear better not show up or I will be PISSED!!! ... Guess I'll have to have my own New Moon party!! okay rant over....


  1. One of my crazed (and I do mean crazed) Twihard friends tried to cajole me to taking a road trip to one of the locations where one/some of the cast members will be...She suggested Seattle or Phoenix...I'm in Maryland.

    I love all things Twilight...but not enough for me to plunk down several hundred dollars for a DVD release party.

  2. ooho wow that would've been a loooonng drive/fight!! haha but we didnt go to the midnight release.. kinda glad too. other sites were tweeting about it... many disappointed. and sadly other stores only stayed open unti 12:30am to sell it... we ventured out tooo late... gotta wait til 9am =/



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