August 12, 2009

Twilight without Jacob...who would fetch the space heater??

~Disclaimer, this is all hypothetical, meant in no way to harm or offend anyone especially not the writer and her amazing books which will forever change our lives. There might be some *SPOILERS* in this blog if you lived under a rock and did not read the books.

Ever imagined what would happen if Stephenie Meyer had altered New Moon like she did in her outtakes? how would the story change? would team Jacob even exist? what about other changes like if Carlisle didn't bite Edward and he died like he was supposed to? what then?

*Team Jacob and Team Edward both have different views on this topic so this will be interesting to say the least and now, Twilight..........with out JacobNew Moon Robert Pattinson by Cine Fanatico.
When Edward left Bella in New Moon, Jacob rescued her, he became her sun, blah, blah, blah. The truth is as much as i would like to hate Jake, he did save her, if he wasn't there to rescue her, Bella would have drowned when she jumped off the cliff so...(if we must) one point team Jacob.
If Jake followed Sam's orders that night like he was supposed to (another arguement against hot headed, Immature jacob) if Bella didn't guess his secret, would she be dating MIKE? hey anythings possible but team Mike??? oh the horror, i can just image the pervy thoughts rolling through his head.....part two coming soon.
*Ideas taken from Stephenie Meyers New Moon outtakes found on her website, image taken from yahoo images and here
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