August 10, 2009

And the surfboard goes to......

As we all know TWILIGHT dominated the Teen Choice Awards [this will become a recurring trend after each movie's release, so be prepared]!!! For the 3 people who didn't seem to know what has occurred, below is a list of ALL the awards the Twilight crew took home!

* Fresh Face Male: Taylor Lautner
* Fresh Face Female: Ashley Greene
* Choice Drama Actress: Kristen Stewart
* Choice Drama Actor: Rob Pattinson
* Choice Hottie: Rob Pattinson
* Choice Villain: Cam Gigandet
* Choice Rumble
* Choice Lip lock [we've realized that next year Kristen could be in this category twice.. that is if 'the kiss' between Bella & Jacob actually occurs in NM]
* Choice Soundtrack
* Choice Movie Drama
* Choice Movie Romance

-- Why was Kellan not up for anything- is he not hott enough?! Sadness.... Next year it'll be diff! [exhibit A: Taylor becoming Choice Hottie... after all the skin he's showing in New Moon this is highly possible!! exhibit B: Kellan also becoming Choice Hottie]. I'm willing to boycott if necessary, TCA needs to get it together!

(Kellan pic from Socialite Life)

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