August 14, 2009

Twilight without Edward.... it's possible

This is what I [NiCoLE] think about the Twilight saga... without Edward!

In the beginning it would all be the same:
- Bella moves to Forks; she moves in with her Dad
- Charlie gets Bella a super cool truck!
- She becomes friends with her crew [Jessica, Eric, Mike, Tyler, Angela, etc]

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Since Edward would have died of naturals causes long ago, Bella would have no 'Edward' to think about. So when Eric and Mike continue to harass her, she turns to Jacob [yay] in order to vent her frustration! When she almost gets smashed by Tyler's truck you ask? Well she wouldn't have been standing outside pining over Edward, even though her truck probably would have gotten banged up in the collision. This accident would lead to Jacob fixing Bella's truck [remember, he fixed it before she even got it]! This would then cause the sparks between them to occur sooner [rather than in New Moon]. This would further cause them to blossom into a cute little relationship... they go to prom together... the books would kinda be the same, minus the Volturi, fighting vampires and Nessie of course. So that would probably mean Jacob wouldn't imprint but he would still love Bella more than anyone. He might still turn into a werewolf if James or any other Vamps roll into town. For the most part Jake and Bella would have been happy and grew old together! The End!

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  1. As Edward clearly reminded Jacob in Eclipse-during the sleeping bag episode when he asked him to leave again to see if he might have a chance with Bella-Jacob would get bored and eventually leave Bella one day no matter how much he claims to love her, all men do stupid things like leaving the love of their life.



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