April 21, 2010

Reasons: First up, Reasons to Love Twilight

We thought we should do something special to celebrate the coming of Eclipse so we came up with a series of posts called Reasons. We'll be sharing our knowledge with everyone out there, by knowledge i mean snarky, bitchy, down right crazy meaningless barb. 
We proudly bring you Reasons....
to love Twilight
Everyone should love Twilight cause its funnie as alll heck!! I mean yea Edward is a super rude-ass and Rosalie is a b-i-t-c-h. but it is hilarious! Exhibit A: The humans... you can't watch Twilight and not think their all funny "Hey Arizona!!"
How You Likin' Da Rain, Girl?
And Charlie? Funny in a awkward-Dad way. Twilight is like your typical teen love story with a huge twist!! Yea it has its moments when you're like "WTF this would never happen in real life" .. but then again none of this movie should happen in your real life because, well, Vampires dont exist, but you still can't resist this movie- "Its soooo mouth-watering [Laurent voice]"!

I'll make this easy, Twilight needs more sex, end of story. You gotta have more Vamp action...maybe not-spare yourself, never google that. Edward needs to get laid more than any one else in the series, maybe a little less than Mike does.

Twilight Funny Pictures, Images and Photos
Look i'm team Eddie but i'm also team who ever's getting some. I'm also team Bella but i really wanted her to beat Lauren's ass. I'm sure Bella would be the first to volunteer and give Edward some...after she kicks Laurens ass.

There's even more reasons to love Twilight, we've really only named a small few. I love it because it taught me a lot....maybe the most important lesson ever: always lock your windows at night.


  1. There is this song, called "Prisoner" by Jeffree Star, and I swear, it was like its made for Twilight...it talks about how the boy climed through the window and watched this girl sleep...I almost wigged out when I heard it the first time. Thought I'd share that with you, in case you didn't know about it.

  2. hmmmm. I've asked myself many a time why I lurve Twilight. My psycho-analytic answer is because much like my high school boyfriend its completely hot without much pay off and left me crying in the bathroom at 3am so as not to wake the fam. My more probable answer is because Bella is an empty shell I can project myself on and have moments not included in the book seeing if I can get Jake up to 110 and Edward to completely lose his rock hard composure. My easy answer....cause it gives me warm gushy me time happies.



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