April 20, 2010

Oprah does Twilight

I want to say it's just a coincidence but i'm no fool.

I was so angry when i found out the only interview Stephanie Meyer chose to do was with Oprah. Mind you this is in the middle of New Moon mania, she didn't even consider giving a small interview to one of the Twilight sites but she went on Oprah.

That feeling doesn't even compare to how i felt when i saw this:
Next Friday 4/23, watch Oprah for the exclusive debut of the FINAL#EclipseTrailer!
Are you serious? seriously, what the hell? it's like they don't even think about us. I'm not watching it, sorry but that's how i feel. I'll catch it online or in front of some random movie but i refuse to go there. -end rant Did i mention she's also doing a search for Twilight fans who want to go on her show? she'll be devoting an entire episode to us! is that supposed to be a good thing?   

Coachella Kristen, guaranteed to lighten the mood! that pose cracks me up.
The Twilight Saga Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
According to Amazon- the Eclipse companion will be available June, 29 and 
the Eclipse soundtrack will be available June 8th! 

June's going to be blogging hell, I love how everything's happening right before the movie hits theaters. This time Summit's going the extra mile to guarantee no leakage or spoilers. Good Job boys! Can you spell overkill?

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