February 11, 2010

Summit... you're about to be on my "I Hate" list...

Okay... really... how many freaking different versions on New Moon will be released on DVD?! I know technically the movie will be the same on each, BUT each DVD set will offer different bonus features. Why Summit... WHY?! It would be a lot easier if you had one version... So what if it ends up being 4 or 5 discs because its soooo much bonus stuff.... fans will still buy it. But now me and TwiRemedy have to go to various stores just to get all the bonus stuff we want... For instance, the bonus Eclipse footage... TwiRemedy is getting that one [yes I'm sending you to Crenshaw for that one hun!] I hope Wal-Mart isn't lying... because that would be super bad! I read somewhere that some NM dvds will have keychains and stuff along with it [NO FAIR!!!] at Borders or Barnes & Noble... then of course there's my beloved Target.. giving me 3 discs of wonderfulness! =)

Summit needs to somehow work on getting only one DVD set for Eclipse.. because I don't want to be running from one store to the next... we're still in a damn recession and I can't be buying more than one copy of NM or Eclipse!!! lol... okay my vent is over =)

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  1. second of all bite me i will not be driving deeper into the ghetto for you woman.



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