February 8, 2010

Taylor and Kellan's weekend in Miami

Heey all... Sorry for the lack of post.. not much has been going on in the twilight word... everyone is still on vay-cay... lucky them!! However, there was some beach tournment thing in Florida this past weekend. TwiRemedy says Kellan Bear and Jailbait were there... but i didnt get to watch cause I don't have Direct TV.. booo So maybe if/when i find clips i will post them. Have a good and safe week!!
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oh dear god yes, may i have another!

want more Kellan? 22pgs of Kellan

i'm gonna make it my mission to get Hershey his autograph and it's gonna say "to Hershey for being the pedophile that you are, love little Tay" of course this is after i get Rob's. For you bloggy partner 21pgs of jailbait pics

1 comment:

  1. ummm.... Taylor will be 18 this week so i wll no longer be a pedophile! hhahaha



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