January 24, 2010

Rob on a desk, Rob rough on the floor, Rob up against a door....

it's exactly what you're thinking! unfortunately it won't be with any of us but that's just the begining of Rob's sexcapades in "Bel Ami", he'll play a Journalist who gets ahead in his career by getting in, for lack of a better word, powerful women. The movie begins filming next month, more importantly can i get a part in this movie? i can play the part of prostitute against a door as long as it's with Rob.

do i need to flash this man to make him smile? he'd make a sexy wolf or a hot ass lumber jack...i wouldn't mind seeing that wood he can use it to light my fire any day. ~photo source

This is Rob after filming Hope for Haiti-text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10, it will be charged to your phone bill automatically.

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