January 26, 2010

"Only 2 discs?!" Target to the Rescue!!!

I L-O-V-E Target!!! They will be releasing a 3-disc edition of New Moon! hell yea! Did we ever mention that it was target who had a 3-disc version of Twilight... which thus caused us to discover Catherine Hardwick's inappropriate words towards Rob... then causing the birth of this lovely blog =)... so you see.. we owe Target... or maybe they owe us?! IDK... but i will be getting NM from them! I can not wait to see hear the commentary... wonder if Chris Wietz acts more mature than Cathy the Cougar or does he try to hit on KStew while she give him the 'bitch face" you can totally tell when she does it, even when you cant see her face! haha. So don't buy you NM from amazon, or Wal*mart just yet..... get the bonus disc... all real die-hard Twifans need that extra disc.... I expect to see a lot of Jorts and half-nakedness =) That way I can properly drool over Jailbait and Bronson...

become familiar with these covers so you don't grab the wrong one!
pic 1 source -- pic 2 source


  1. Wait--What were the inappropriate words Catherine Hardwicke said to Rob??? I don't have the 3 disc, only the 2 disc! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!

  2. lol..... i could write a book about what she said... but i wont... hahaha basically she kept making hints/ side remarks about being in Robs trailer, him being sexy, .... things like that. I can't remember any exact quotes right now... some of our early posts back in August disect the whole 'cathy the cougar' situation!

  3. More importantly buy the three disc edition because Robward looks hotter in that version!

  4. ummmmmm I think he looks the same in all ersions.. and you can't even see his sary face as cathy cougar is trying to rape him!!! so you can say he looks hotter... lol

  5. I was talking about the new moon dvd damn it, don't make me get hostile cause he looks cute. fyi, couldn't you have texted me your snarky little comment???

  6. haha yea... i could've but i was tired... lol



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