May 18, 2010

5/18 Twi-ReCap: New Eclipse scene and Rob's hot new hair-do

I'm loving it except when he turns to the side and you see the middle. I was expecting the middle to be a little longer but even the crown of his head is short, it looks like they cut everything except the very front. I need to see him from all angles, are you willing to volunteer Rob?).

Speaking of hair, can we keep Bella out the fan please? just for one pic, i feel like the wig's gonna blow right off her head if they keep putting her in front of the windmill.

"Bella, I envy you" Rosalie's conversation with Bella

1 comment:

  1. I really love his new hair cut... before it was crossing a line between 'sexy mess' and 'hot mess', more on the hot mess side.

    That's a new poster, I really like. Bella's getting a little riskee showing off that shoulder. :P



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