June 4, 2011

Why Must Summit Tease Us?

So I'm sure as most of you know Summit and MTV release a 15 second teaser trailer of BD Part 1.... many things were missing [Jacob] many things left my confused [the chick or vampire in the front row that damn near jumped in front of Edward to get the Bella], and most of it got me thinking... where were the WOLVES?!?!?! Now i think Seth was in the back aisle, but I'm not 100% sure, And i know the book says that the wolves show up AFTER the ceremony but still... showing a little wolf growling wouldn't hurt; after all it worked for the New Moon trailer... just saying!

Now "supposedly" MTV will show a longer trailer on tomorrow during the Movie Awards and i hope for their sake and my own that i see some Jacob or all of Team Jake will riot damn it! But with out further delay here's the over-analyzed teaser trailer. It should hold you all over until tomorrow

P.S.- Sorry for being sooo M.I.A. I relocated to Texas after my mom passed and I'm just now getting back into the Twi phase of my life.

xoxo, TwiHershey

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