May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

Today marks your 24th year but don't let that get to your head. Your a fine man Mr.Pattinson, a rare one indeed. You're a musician and an actor, how may i follow your lead? It may be your birthday but this post is something to read :) I chose to sow this seed so let me present you with everything we need, laughter so hard i think someone just peed :)

Ode to Rob Daddy:
Oh, how i'd love to call you daddy, let me count the ways. Is it the height of the man or the length of those fingers stroking that head of hair. Your a true gentleman sir, the kind that makes me want an ice cold beer. Thank you for playing that lovely vampire until the end of next year.
and Rob?
Please remember, you may be older than i am but i'm still delivering those spankings til next december :)
To you Mr.Pattinson
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