January 23, 2010

A News-worthy Update

Well, well, much has happened in the Twilight world this week but i was too lazy to post as it was occurring... sorries. So here's a brief re-cap of what I.. ummm you may have missed =)

- Boo Boo was on CSI: Miami.. he's moving up in the acting world ppl...

- Boo Boo turned 16 this week, or month.. not sure of the exact date... but from the looks of him on CSI: Miami... he's gonna be a cute when he's legal. However, I can only handle one jailbait at a time... someone let me know when Tay's mini-me is 21!

- Julia Jone [Leah Clearwater] turned 29! Prop to her for being 29 and having no prob portraying a 16 yr old wolf girl! =)

- R. Pattz is looking more like a wolf these days... I didn't care much for Rob before and now... still nothing! His face is all scruffy.. But he's still rocking the Long Beach hat.. so I partially like him for that sole purpose. AND for the fact that he helped with the Hope for Haiti concert... well he was in London telling us the story of someone who experiened the earthquake, BUT he was still helping out.... good job Rob!!

- Apparently jailbait helped answer phone calls with the Hope for Haiti telethon... and NO I didn't call in... I briefly thought about it when it was over.. and then realied it was over... hehe. I'll be making a donation at a later time that won't be affiliated with any particular jailbaiter being on the other end of the phone.

- KStew was/is at Sundance. I hear 2 of her movies will be playing [Welcome to the Riley's and The Runaways] has anyone else noticed that the company who made Welcome to the Riley's waited til KStew become more well know before putting this movie out?! Shame on them for trying to milk the Twilight Saga cow! Get you own cow!!!

- Speaking of KStew... a new, or a full, trailer of The runaways has be released somewhere... and a movie poster.

- ummmm did i miss anything? I've been a little MIA from the Twi-world.



- OOH jailbait was at the Golden Globes last weekend.. in the rain no less... NO he wasn't in La Push, it was in Los Angeles and that was just the beginning of a week long fight with rain storms. But back to the topic, he looked really nice in his suit.

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