November 15, 2009

Bonus clips of Stephenie Meyer not shown on the Oprah show, different questions

Stephenie Meyer was on Oprah on Friday, if you're like me you probably didn't watch it (i knew they would ask the same old questions) they want to introduce non-twilighters to the series....yes there are a few left and in time they will convert *cough* mom you're so next, your stuck with me for an entire week and you will watch twilight and new moon....any who this is pretty interesting, i don't know if she's been bitten by the money bug or pressure from her publisher but it seems like she's working on Midnight Sun but incognito like because she wants to do more of those adult genre host books (guess i'm not an adult cause i don't find them so interesting)

  • She answers questions about Midnight Sun, Bella and Edward's future, the first time she met the cast and more. Video#1 it's worth watching she even talks about New Moon the movie and Eclipse the movie
  • Video #2 is about all four books and her writing process, pretty the original ending to New Moon
hey Opes did Twilight make your book club reading list? source

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